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Building an Open Source
Framework for the Edge


LF Edge is an umbrella organization that aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. By bringing together industry leaders, LF Edge will create a common framework for hardware and software standards and best practices critical to sustaining current and future generations of IoT and edge devices.
We are fostering collaboration and innovation across the multiple industries including industrial manufacturing, cities and government, energy, transportation, retail, home and building automation, automotive, logistics and health care — all of which stand to be transformed by edge computing.


End-to-end cohesion requires big companies to come together to foster the space for industrial collaboration and emerging architectures across mobile, residential, SMB and enterprise organizations when dealing with the edge. This initiative provides critical leadership — not just a piece of the edge puzzle — with the ultimate output being working code.

Roman ShaposhnikZEDEDA, VP of Product and Strategy

The Linux Foundation has created the perfect vehicle for collaboration and coordination across the diversity of LF Edge projects. We see the the Open Glossary playing a vital role in fostering a shared understanding that accelerates innovation. We look forward to working with the all of the LF Edge projects to cross-pollinate terminologies and harmonize the lexicon.

Matt TrifiroVaporIO, Chief Marketing Officer, Former Chair of the Open Glossary of Edge Computing Project

As devices play more important roles in our everyday lives, the edge computing is one of the key driving forces for a new computing paradigm within the IT industry. As Samsung is one of the leading open source contributors at LF Edge, we’ll be in the forefront of realizing and accelerating edge computing, which can provide assistance to a wide array of fields, including Home Edge, Industrial, and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

Seunghwan ChoSamsung Research, Advanced R&D Arm of Samsung Electronics' Device Business, Executive Vice President

We are thrilled by the progress of Akraino Edge Stack so far and excited to see the Linux
Foundation deepen its commitment into edge computing. The launch of LF Edge will accelerate edge innovation and drive real business value by bringing a diverse set of edge players under one roof.

Oliver SpatscheckAT&T Labs, Assistant Vice President, former Akraino Board Chair

LF Edge will create a comprehensive and coordinated set of foundational open source tools to enable developers to accelerate time to value in creating IoT and Edge computing solutions. We look forward to continuing to foster IoT interoperability within the EdgeX community in addition to collaborating across LF Edge projects to develop de facto-standard APIs for intelligent interactions between the application and infrastructure planes within the broader edge ecosystem.

Jason ShepherdDell Technologies, IoT and Edge Computing CTO, current LF Edge Governing Board Member and Former Governing Board Chair of EdgeX Foundry




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