Project EVE develops the open source Edge Virtualization Engine (EVE). EVE leverages a type-1 hypervisor, so it deploys on bare metal device hardware. It also provides system and orchestration services, and a container runtime. This means developers can enjoy consistent behavior on any supported platform. EVE can run both legacy and newer cloud-native apps in edge computing devices.

Edge devices based on EVE gain the following capabilities:

  • Higher efficiency and usage of device resources
  • “Secure by default” deployment profile
  • Host any operating system deployable in a virtual machine
  • Host many apps in virtual machines and containers
  • Serverless capability via unikernels
  • Scalable, centralized management for many devices over large distances, and hosting many apps
  • Remote updates of entire software stack
  • Remote control of all device resources including CPU, memory, networking, and device ports
  • Automated patching for security updates
  • Automated connectivity to one or more public clouds
  • Built-in mesh networking capabilities for edge-to-edge data flow
  • Built-in cloud networking using standard VPN technologies available in public clouds

EVE allows cloud-native development practices in IOT and edge applications. Automating remote operations mean developers can handle far larger fleets of devices. Keeps devices patched, up- to-date, and able to deploy new capabilities. Now IOT devices can behave like cloud applications.

Project EVE is seeking users and feedback. We also welcome new contributors. Contributions can include support for more hardware platforms, or adding new capabilities.

Check out the Project EVE Demo video below:

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