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Fledge developers build smarter, better, more cost effective industrial manufacturing solutions to accelerate Industrial 4.0 adoption.

Fledge is an open source framework and community for the industrial edge focused on critical operations, predictive maintenance, situational awareness and safety. Fledge is architected to integrate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), sensors and modern machines with the cloud and existing “brown field” systems like historians, DCS (Distributed Control Systems), PLC (Program Logic Controllers) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). All sharing a common set of administration and application APIs.

Fledge developers and operators no longer face complexity and fragmentation issues when building their IIoT applications as they gather and process more sensor data to automate and transform business. Fledge’s modern pluggable architecture eliminates the data silos often found in plants, factories and mines. By using a consistent set of RESTful APIs to develop, manage and secure IIoT applications, Fledge creates a unified solution.

For Industrial Equipment Vendors – Build Your Next Generation Machines

  • That learn
  • Maintain themselves
  • Integrate with your new cloud services
  • Integrate with your customer’s existing and emerging data systems
  • Enable new business models/higher margins

For Industrial Operators – Get All Your Data Where It Needs to Be

  • Condition and predictive maintenance on all machines
  • Cost effective vs using DCS or SCADA points
  • Put all data in plant wide context
  • Scale out and up manageable IIoT
  • Eliminate OT data complexity and fragmentation

For Industrial System Integrators – A Framework for All Your IIoT Business

  • Accelerate deployments
  • More/tighter integrations
  • Own and re-use your value-add code
  • Develop AD/ML/AI expertise
  • Increase value delivered/hour

The growing Fledge community is committed to:

  • Foster cross-industry collaboration across IoT, Telecom, Enterprise and Cloud ecosystems
  • Enable organizations to accelerate adoption and the pace of innovation for edge computing
  • Facilitate harmonization across LF Edge projects

Cross-LF Edge Collaboration

Fledge works closely with Project EVE, which provides system and orchestration services and a container runtime for Fledge applications and services. Together industrial operators can build, manage, secure and support all their non-SCADA, non-DCS connected machines, IIoT and sensors as they scale.

Fledge is also integrated with Akraino, as both projects support the roll out 5G and private LTE networks.

Contributed by Dianomic and formerly known as “Fog Lamp,” Fledge developers build smarter, better, more cost-effective industrial manufacturing solutions to accelerate Industrial 4.0 adoption.

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