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Baetyl seamlessly extends cloud computing, data and services to edge devices, enabling developers to build light, secure and scalable edge applications.

With modern container and serverless design concepts and engineering tools optimized for stand-alone and small multi-machines, Baetyl enables edge hardwares and cloud native applications to work better and more efficiently together. It helps deliver stronger processing power to edge devices like smart home appliances, wearables and other IoT devices.

Baetyl (pronounced “Beetle”) offers a general-purpose platform for edge computing that manipulates different types of hardware facilities and device capabilities into a standardized container runtime environment and API, enabling efficient management of application, service, and data flow through a remote console both on cloud and on prem. Baetyl also equips the edge operating system with the appropriate toolchain support, reduces the difficulty of developing edge calculations with a set of built-in services and APIs, and provides a graphical IDE in the future.

Baetyl is committed to help build an open source framework for the edge that:

  • Abstracts different forms of hardware to a unified container environment, from IOT devices to distributed clusters, even embedded devices;
  • Supports open application models, including plain Open Container Initiative (OCI) container and serverless modes such as FaaS and Streaming;
  • Provides a standardized remote management model with compatibility to k8s primitives.

Previously known as “OpenEdge” and initiated by Baidu, Baetyl is China’s first open source edge computing platform. Baetyl joins LF Edge as a Stage 1 project.

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