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Industry-leading organizations across telecom, cloud and enterprise technology have joined LF Edge to support the development of open, interoperable frameworks for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.

Members big and small are collaborating across company and geographic boundaries to grow and shape the ecosystem for edge and IoT technologies, use cases and applications.

The LF Edge Foundation connects you with the innovative technical projects, companies, and developer communities that are transforming edge and IoT computing. If your company or organization would like to join now or receive more information, please see below, or contact us.

LF Edge Mission Statement

Create a unified community for Open Source Edge that

  • fosters cross-industry collaboration across IOT, Telecom, Enterprise and Cloud ecosystems

  • enables organizations to accelerate adoption and the pace of innovation for edge computing

  • delivers value to end users by providing a neutral platform to capture and distribute requirements across the umbrella

  • seeks to facilitate harmonization across Edge projects

Join Now!

As with all open source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation, we welcome anyone to get involved in LF Edge’s development community, regardless of membership status. Please visit the Projects page for details on how to join technical calls, mailing lists, Github, and more.

Why Become a Member of LF Edge?

  • Network with other members of LF Edge
  • Support the community by helping fund services that LF Edge-hosted projects rely on
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in the edge computing space
  • Participate in cross-industry collaboration
  • Raise awareness of LF Edge projects so they can quickly reach critical mass
  • Marketing and PR opportunities
  • Be part of defining and maintaining the technologies that are at the forefront of the industry

Premier Member

Influence Strategic Direction of  LF Edge & its projects (as a Voting GB member)

  • Budget Influence/approval, how and where the project spends money.
  • Direct Influence on messaging, developer events, training
  • Influence the marketing, messaging, and positioning to best represent the project for your uses
  • Marketing Committee Voting Seat

Direct Interaction with Leadership within LF and across peers

  • Premium access to the project ED/VP to understand business goals
  • Premium access to the Operations staff.  IT, Marketing, Operations, Leadership
  • Participate in any Cross project strategy discussions on harmonization and future direction of Edge
  • LF Leadership support to Keynote member events, participate in outreach (eg roadshows, events, conference meet ups etc..)

Technical and Roadmap Direction Influence (through the technical community)

  • TAC (Technical Advisory Council) voting seat
  • Find like-minded companies/developers to build a coalition to get an idea accepted and prioritized by the community
  • Aid the developers in actions they can take to improve their standing, position, and influence in the community., etc.

Brand Momentum ability to show Leadership in Open Source which drives end user adoption and talent.

  • Open Source Brand Affinity, prove to your customers that you are a leader in the project, hire talented software engineers

General Member

Learning and Engaging to create the largest Open Source Edge shared technology roadmap

  • Work together across company lines and industries
  • Participate in elected board seat process

Marketing & Thought Leadership

  • Logo on the website once your membership has been announced. LF will support with quotes on Press releases related to the project
  • Marketing Committee comprised of a representative from each Member company. General Members may appoint a representative as an observer of the Marketing Committee meetings on a non-voting basis. The objective of this Committee is shaping the marketing direction for edge. The Linux Foundation will do the heavy lifting, so this is more to oversee and shape the discussion/direction with the other Members for the Marketing efforts. This person can also funnel all Marketing information back to your organization so that the key stakeholders are in the loop.
  • Participate in our hosted projects and attend our events, meetups, and roadshows

Technical Steering Committee & Technical Community

  • TSC meetings are open to the public and we encourage all members of the technical community to participate in the discussion moving forward.

Membership agreements for LF Edge are available in the links below. After entering your information on the first screen, you will be taken to the agreement, which includes an option to download and/or print if needed.

Join LF Edge

I Have Questions

To review the membership agreements prior to joining, download here.

To participate in LF Edge as a corporate member requires companies to be a corporate member of The Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation is the umbrella home of over 50 projects and provides the legal entity and resources (finance, accounting, audit) as well as broad array of support resources to help companies leverage open source to their business benefit and to help protect and advance open source.

The Linux Foundation has Platinum ($500,000), Gold ($100,000) and Silver membership levels. Silver dues are based on total corporate consolidated headcount of the parent company.

Level Not Yet LF Member Already LF Member
Premier  $70,000 (USD) $50,000 (USD)
General $45,000 (USD) 5,000+
$30,000 (USD) 500 – 4,999
$20,000 (USD) 100 – 499
$7,500 (USD) Up To 99
$25,000 (USD) 5,000+
$15,000 (USD) 500 – 4,999
$10,000 (USD) 100 – 499
$2,500 (USD) Up To 99

Note: LF Edge membership also requires companies to corporate members of The Linux Foundation. Pricing above includes the cost of annual membership at the Silver level in The Linux Foundation. A discount of $5,000 to $20,000 is available for existing Linux Foundation members who join LF Edge.