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Launched in 2018, Akraino Edge Stack aims to create an open source software stack that supports high-availability cloud services optimized for edge computing systems and applications. The Akraino Edge Stack is designed to improve the state of edge cloud infrastructure for enterprise edge, OTT edge, and carrier edge networks. It will offer users new levels of flexibility to scale edge cloud services quickly, to maximize the applications and functions supported at the edge, and to help ensure the reliability of systems that must be up at all times.

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Working towards moving the industry forward together

| Akraino, Akraino Edge Stack, Blog | No Comments
By Alex Reznik, Chair of MEC ISG, HPE Distinguished Technologist and LF Edge member This content original ran on the ETSI blog. Quite some time has passed since my last…

An Akraino Developer Use Case

| Akraino, Akraino Edge Stack, Blog | No Comments
Written by technical members members of the Akraino Edge Stack project including Bruce Lin, Rutgers; Robert Qiu, Tencent; Hechun Zhang, Baidu; Tina Tsou, Arm; Ciprian Barbu, Enea; Allen Chen, Tencent;…

Running K8s Conformance Tests in Akraino Edge Stack

| Akraino, Blog | No Comments
By Cristina Pauna, Bin Lu, Howard Zhang Due to the large scale f its projects and various application scenarios, Akraino Edge Stack is complex when it comes to testing logistics; …