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Open Horizon is a platform for managing the service software lifecycle of containerized workloads and related machine learning assets. It enables autonomous management of applications deployed to distributed webscale fleets of edge computing nodes and devices without requiring on-premise administrators.

Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where data is created by people, places, and things. Open Horizon simplifies the job of getting the right applications and machine learning onto the right compute devices, and keeps those applications running and updated. It also enables the autonomous management of more than 10,000 edge devices simultaneously – that’s 20 times as many endpoints as in traditional solutions.

With Open Horizon, you have the ability to:

  • Add new capabilities to a single-purpose device
  • Enable your device to use other services (both nearby and cloud-based) to enhance its existing capabilities
  • Automate the hands-free management of workload lifecycle on the device
  • Automatically deploy applications to all devices where policies match and an agreement is negotiated

Once Open Horizon is installed and configured, you can manage the work it performs without needing physical access to the devices. For example, you could take a Raspberry Pi Zero W device – the size of a pack of gum – and have it function as an offline home assistant one day, and then re-task it to monitor household power usage the next. Or, you could have a smart camera pointed at a street count the number of people walking by one day, and deploy new code and models to have it identify the make and model of vehicles passing by the next.

Whether thinking about component solutions that could be assembled for a complete Cloud-to-Edge workload management implementation, or projects that would work together to solve a specific use case, Open Horizon is designed to work together with other solutions in an open, standardized approach.

Formerly known as “Blue Horizon,” Open Horizon is contributed to LF Edge by IBM. Open Horizon joined LF Edge in April 2020 and is currently a Stage 2 “Growth” project.

Cross-LF Edge Collaboration

Open Horizon is already working with several other LF Edge projects including EdgeX FoundryAkraino Edge StackHome EdgeFledge and Project EVE.

The project is in discussions with several Akraino Blueprint Families on contributing to their blueprints as a portion of their solutions in the areas of workload management on edge devices and delivery of assets in an ML deployment pipeline.

Open Horizon is also planning to collaborate with:

  • Fledge to deliver and manage their solution and to synchronize any needed ML assets with their origin.
  • Home Edge to synchronize ML assets from the cloud to the home gateway.
  • Project EVE using Open Horizon as a control plane for EVE workloads in a POC.

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