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EdgeX – Your data liberated!

Highly flexible open source software framework that facilitates interoperability between heterogeneous devices and applications at the IoT Edge, along with a consistent foundation for security and manageability regardless of use case.  The open, vendor-neutral platform speeds developer and technology providers time to market by providing modular reference services for device-data ingestion, normalization, analysis and sharing in support of new IoT data services and advanced edge computing applications. 

With more than 6 million container downloads (May ’20), EdgeX is the preferred platform to collect, translate and share data from devices and applications at the edge. (Get the code)

  • Have your data where you want it.  What to keep at the edge and what to send to the cloud (Learn More)
  • Realize value faster with a modern architecture that is easy to scale (Architecture Intro)
  • Reduce integration risks and costs through large global community of compatible vendors  (Marketplace)
  • Minimize development time by leveraging community skills and resource sharing (Join the Community)
  • The EdgeX middleware layers and services constitute a bidirectional dual transformation:
  • 1X From any thing protocol to EdgeX data format/structure (Southbound)
  • 2X From EdgeX data format/structure to any (TCP/IP) enterprise need (Northbound)

And vice versa!

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