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LF Edge is pleased to produce the “On the Edge with LF Edge” webinar series. LF Edge webinars bring attendees up to speed on open source at the edge, including LF Edge project updates, use cases, news, industry updates, and more. See below for a list of upcoming webinars, as well as links to view past webinars on-demand.

Upcoming Webinars

A Look at the Latest Trends in Edge Computing Architecture

* Wednesday, May 24 at 9AM PT

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Join this webinar to learn about some of the latest trends in edge computing architecture. The expert panel will discuss how edge architectures are evolving, including the rise of WebAssembly to complement technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and Virtual Machines. The panel will then outline key architectural considerations and tradeoffs spanning the edge continuum and close with a review of supporting open source projects.


    • Jason Shepherd
      • CEO at Nubix, former LF Edge Board Chair
    • Joe Pearson
      • Edge Computing and Technology Strategist at IBM, LF Edge TSC Chair
    • Frédéric Desbiens
      • IoT and Edge Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation
    • Jill Lovato
      • Head of Marketing Communications at Linux Foundation

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Past Webinars

How LF Edge projects track CO2 footprint with secure monitoring at the Edge

* Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Together with Dell, IOTA, ClimateCHECK and Zededa, LF Edge projects Alvarium and EVE securely and accurately monitor the Carbon Footprint in the world’s first BioGas Plant that only uses harvest waste from local agriculture as fuel. The solution successfully reduces the Digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DigitalMRV) process that can often take between 24-48 months or more to complete to just 4-6 weeks.

Learn how Project Alvarium & EVE improved the data confidence and trust in VSPT Wine Group in Chile.

State of the Edge: Exploring the Intersection of IoT, AI, 5G and Edge Computing * Thursday, September 17, 2020

Launched in 2018, the State of the Edge is a is vendor-neutral platform for open research on edge computing that is dedicated to accelerating innovation by crowdsourcing a shared vocabulary for edge.

Home Edge: Your Home Devices Get Deployed in An Edge Computing Services Ecosystem *Thursday, October 15, 2020
Home Edge Project concentrates on driving and enabling a robust, reliable, and intelligent home edge computing open source framework, platform and ecosystem running on a variety of devices at daily home lives.

Fledge: How Google, OSISoft, FLIR and Dianomic Use Fledge to Implement Industrial 4.0 * August 25 2020
LF Edge’s Fledge enables condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, efficiency, quality, situational awareness, and safety applications for Industrial operators, integrators and suppliers. Fledge is ideal for edge based ML, data aggregating, translating, processing, filtering, alerting and forwarding.

Demystifying the Edge with the new LF Edge Taxonomy and Framework * July 9, 2020
This webinar webinar provides an overview of the LF Edge organization and the new LF Edge taxonomy that is detailed in a recent  whitepaper. 

Project EVE: Building the Android of the IOT Edge * June 8, 2020
Project EVE is an edge computing engine that aims to do for the IoT edge what Android did for mobile by enabling the development, orchestration and security of cloud-native and legacy applications on distributed edge compute nodes.

EdgeX Foundry 101 * April 23, 2020
In this LF Edge webinar, EdgeX Foundry provides developers and technology vendors with a common set of horizontal capabilities to support use cases across any IOT vertical with a consistent foundation for security and manageability.

Akraino: Your Path to Edge Computing *  April 2, 2020
Learn how Akraino Edge Stack is creating an open source software stack that supports a high-availability cloud stack optimized for edge computing systems and applications.