Akio Kawabata

Vice President and Head of NTT Network Technology Laboratories

Akio Kawabata is a member of the LF Edge Governing Board & the Vice President and Head of NTT Network Technology Laboratories.

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Cole Crawford

CEO and Founder, VaporIO

Cole Crawford is CEO and founder of VaporIO, creators of the Kinetic Edge and the leading provider of tower-connected edge colocation and interconnection services.

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Daniel Lazaro

CTO, Senior Technical Program Manager at OSIsoft

Daniel currently serves as a Senior Technical Program Manager at the CTO office at OSIsoft, focusing on technology, research and innovation projects related to IIoT, Open Source and Energy (Distributed Energy Resources).

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Dave Landsman

Director Industry Standards at Western Digital

Dave Landsman is the Director Industry Standards at Western Digital.

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David Boloker

CTO Emerging Technology at IBM

David Boloker is a member of the LF Edge Governing Board. He is also leading the Business Development activities around IBM's Edge Computing Initiatives and holds the title of Distinguished Engineer.

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Erik Salo

Senior Director of Enterprise Business Development for Seagate Technologies LLC

Erik Salo is an LF Edge Governing Board Member & The Senior Director of enterprise business development for Seagate Technologies LLC.

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Gang (Gary) Chen

Technical Lead at Baidu

Gang Chen is a technical lead at Baidu 5G MEC team. He obtained his Doctor’s degree in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2008 and joined Baidu in 2017. Before working with Baidu, he was a standard representative in China Mobile.

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Hatsumi Iino (Haishima)

Senior Director of Strategic Planning Unit, Business Planning, Fujitsu Ltd.

Hatsumi is the Senior Director of Strategic Planning Unit in Fujitsu Ltd.

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Henry Lau

Distinguished Technologist, Retail Solutions, HP Inc; Board Member and TAC Voting Representative, LF Edge; and Vertical Solutions Working Group Co-Chair, EdgeX Foundry

Henry leads system and software architecture for HP retail, hospitality, healthcare products and solutions. Henry has over 30 years of experience developing embedded systems, VOIP gateways, and mobile phones from startups to global companies.

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Jason Shepherd

VP of Ecosystem, ZEDEDA; Board Member, Board SPC Representative, and Outreach Committee Voting Representative, LF Edge

Jason Shepherd is VP of Ecosystem at IoT Edge orchestration company ZEDEDA.

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Jim St. Leger

Open Source Strategy, Intel Corporation; TAC Chair, TAC Voting Representative, Board Member and Board SPC Representative, LF Edge

Jim St. Leger has been creating, nurturing, and growing open source projects for more than ten years. He was part of the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and the Fast Data I/O (FD.io) open source project creation teams.

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Jim Xu

Principal Engineer, Zenlayer Inc. and Board Member, LF Edge

Jim Xu is a principal Engineer at Zenlayer. Zenlayer is an innovative company in the Edge Cloud business.

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Joseph Wang

Vice General Manager at inwinSTACK

Joseph is the Vice General Manager at inwinSTACK. He is responsible for marketing and community development. During the last 10 years, he has been involved with technology innovation as an experienced IT industry evangelist.

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Juha Oravainen

Head of Open Source Software for Cloud at Nokia

Juha Oravainen is a member of the LF Edge Governing Board & the Head of Open Source Software for Cloud at Nokia. He has extensive experience in the telecommunication world after joining Nokia 1994.

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Justin Dustzadeh

Chief Technology Officer at Equinix

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Kandan Kathirvel

Director, AT&T Labs

Kandan is a Director at AT&T Labs, currently leading 5G use case innovations, Cloud infrastructure for 5G RAN NFVi, Network APIs to transform the 5G network, and associated product development at AT&T.

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Kevin Ryan

Sr. Director Software Ecosystem Development, Arm

Kevin is the Sr. Director of Software Ecosystem Development at Arm. In his current role, he is responsible for developing the open source and commercial software ecosystem.

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Martin Bäckström

The Head of Industry Area Datacom at Ericsson

Martin Bäckström is a member of the LF Edge Governing Board & The Head of Industry Area Datacom.

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Melissa Evers-Hood

Vice President, Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software; General Manager, Software Business Strategy

Melissa E. Evers-Hood is vice president in the Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software group and general manager of Software Business Strategy at Intel Corporation.

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Mohammad Zebetian

Senior Director of Platform, Network and NFV Architecture at Charter

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Moonki Hong

Staff Engineer at Samsung Research Open Source Group

Dr. (Peter) Moonki Hong has been taking responsibilities for technical and business enabling project management based on Edge/IoT open source ecosystem in Samsung Electronics.

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Prakash Siva

Vice President, Technology & Strategy at Radisys

Prakash is Vice President, Technology & Strategy at Radisys.

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Ren “Bill” Xudong

General Manager of ICT Infrastructure Open Source Business at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Mr. Ren Xudong(Bill Ren)is a member of the LF Edge Governing Board. He also serves as the General Manager of ICT Infrastructure Open Source Business at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, and as the chief liaison officer of Huawei.

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Rob Hirschfeld

CEO, RackN and Board Member, LF Edge

Rob has been creating software to automate infrastructure for over 20 years. His latest startup, RackN, focuses on providing continuously integrated data center capabilities for both Edge and Enterprise.

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Saji Thoppil

Fellow, Chief Technologist, CIS at Wipro Limited

Saji is a technologist with 25+ years of industry experience. During his distinguished career, he has made outstanding contribution in the areas of Platforms, Data Center, High Performance Compute, Automation & System Integration.

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Tom Arthur

CEO, Dianomic and Board Member, LF Edge

Serial computer software and services entrepreneur in private and public companies.

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Tom Nadeau

Technical Director, Red Hat and Board Member, LF Edge

Tom is Technical Director for NFV at Red Hat where he leads a team of some 25 engineers focusing on the area of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, data plane acceleration, Open Daylight and container networking efforts.

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Trevor Conn

Director of Software Engineering at Dell Technologies

Trevor Conn is the Chair of the EdgeX Foundry Core Working Group and has been developing software for over 20 years.

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Vikram Siwach

Lead Program Manager at MobiledgeX

Lead product Manager at MobiledgeX laying out the infrastructure and virtualization landscape to move immersive and AI applications towards edge. In past Led the technology strategy and architecture for Verizon Internet services platform and was a founding engineer at affirmed networks.

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Walid Negm

Group Chief Innovation Officer at Altran

Walid Negm is Altran’s Group Chief Innovation Officer and has responsibility for bringing the latest innovations to clients through R&D activity in Altran global centers.

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Wenjing Chu

Senior Director, Open Source and Research, Futurewei Technologies, Inc. and Board Member, LF Edge

Wenjing Chu is a Senior Director of Open Source and Research at Futurewei Technologies, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA. His team leads strategies in open source and other open innovation activities in the US ranging from Trustworthy AIoT, Mobile, Software, Intelligent Computing, to RISC-V.

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Yachen Wang

General Manager of The Wireless and IoT Network Center of Tencent

Mr. Yachen Wang is the General Manager of Wireless and IoT Network Center in Tencent. He is mainly leading in Tencent IoT Network, 5G, edge computing, Radio and wireless network related technical research, platform development and network deployment.

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