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Open Networking Summit North America

April 3 @ 12:00 am - April 5 @ 12:00 am

LF Edge will be onsite at Open Networking Summit North America this coming April in San Jose. The Open Networking Summit brings together enterprises, carriers and cloud service providers across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking.

On Wednesday, April 3 at 3:10 PM, join Wenjing Chu, Head of Open Source & Research at Futurewei Technologies, Inc. for his presentation, “Deploying the New Intelligent Edge with Open Hardware, Software and Data” Wenjing will use real-life early deployment examples to outline the emerging architecture of the New Intelligent Edge, its main components, and argue for the necessary openness in these technological components and their interfaces. He will also explain how the LF Edge project can help achieve these ambitious goals toward openness.

On Wednesday, April 3 at 5:10 PM, join Ram Krishan, The Lead Technologist at VM Ware, Kandan Kathirvel, Director at AT&T, Srinivasa Rao Addepalli, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel, Tina Tsou, Enterprise Architect at Arm, & Rolf Muralt, Vice President of Product Management at MobiledgeX for a panel discussion entitled, “Edge Open Source Synergy to Deliver Value-added End-to-end Services“. The panel will focus on the collaboration of several key open source efforts such as ONAP, Cloud Native Kubernetes, Mobile TIP Edge Application Developer Project Group and MobiledgeX with LF Edge Umbrella project, Akraino Edge Stack.

On Wednesday, April 3 at 5:10 PM, join Mazin Gilbert, Vice President of Advanced Technology & Systems at AT&T for his presentation entitled, “The Power of Open Source in a 5G World“. Mazin’s presentation will provide a technical and market overview of the power of open source, and specifically ONAP, Acumos, ORAN, and Akraino, in creating a 5G world.

On Thursday, April 4 at 11:10 AM, join Shai Tsur, Senior Software Ecosystem Program Manager at Arm for his presentation, “Arm at the New Edge“. The talk will discuss the roles that Arm and its ecosystem partners play in LF Edge projects, Akraino and EdgeX Foundry.

On Thursday, April 4 at 3:40 PM, join Ian Jolliffe, Director of Engineering at Wind River Systems for his presentation entitled, “StarlingX – Driving Compute to the Edge“. The talk will discuss how StarlingX interacts with other open source projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, and LF Edge project, Akraino.

On Thursday, April 4 at 4:20 PM, Oliver Spatscheck,  AVP of Inventive Science at AT&T, & Don Fendrick,  CTO of Customer Operations at Nokia for their talk, “Driving RAN Intelligent Control (RIC) with Akraino“. In this presentation, Oliver and Don will explain the goals, architecture and status of the RIC as well as the matching Akraino radio edge cloud blueprint. The session will also highlight the opportunity a programmable RAN creates for edge application developers in getting customized services from 5G wireless networks.

On Thursday, April 4 at 4:20 PM, join Larry Peterson, CTO of The Open Networking Foundation for his presentation entitled, “End to End Broadband Access for Service Providers“. Attendees will learn about how the collaboration between the Open Network Foundation and LF Edge project, Akraino Edge Stack open source communities deliver an end to end broadband access solution for service providers.

Thursday, April 4 at 5 PM, join Tapio Tallgren, Technical Leader at NokiaKandan Kathirvel, Director of AT&T, & Tina Tsou, Enterprise Architect at Arm for their panel discussion entitled, “Your Path to Edge Computing – Akraino Edge Stack“. The discussion will cover edge use cases for Akraino and its blueprints, the varieties of Blueprints that the Akraino Community is currently developing, and how users can engage and contribute to the Akraino.

On Friday, April 5 at 11:10 AM, join Tina Tsou, Enterprise Architect at Arm, MyeonGi Jong, Software Architect at Samsung, Roman Shaposhnik, Vice President of ZededaKandan Kathirvel, Director of AT&T, & Janko Isidorovic, Co-Founder of Mainflux for a panel discussion entitled, “Edge Computing League – LF Edge Umbrella“. In this panel, Technical Experts from LF Edge Projects will explain how Edge use cases are being addressed to satisfy the industry needs, the collaboration between LF Edge Projects, how each project can be engaged and contributed to.

On Friday, April 5 at 11:15 AM, join Tapio Tallgren, Technical Leader at Nokia for his presentation entitled, “Securing the Smart Cities Edge with OP-TEE and Arm TrustZone“. The talk will cover how technology such as Arm TrustZone and the OP-TEE software can be leveraged to build security for onboarding, securing data, and verifying the integrity of firmware, operating system, and system software, as well as 3rd party applications.

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