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(Virtual) Open Networking & Edge Summit North America

September 28 - September 29

LF Edge, the Linux Foundation and LF Networking are hosting Open Networking & Edge Summit on September 28-29! Formerly called ONS, the new ONES will be a virtual experience. LF Edge be on-site in a pavilion with LFN with several demos including the Real-Time Sensor Fusion for Loss Detection (EdgeX Foundry), Managing Industrial IoT Data Using LF Edge (Project EVE and Fledge) and Distributed application orchestration for Akraino/ICN based Edges using ONAP4K8s with QoS SLA Network Slicing (OPNFV, ONAP,  Akraino/ICN, EdgeXFoundry, K8s, ISTIO, Prometheus). Stop by the LF Edge/LF Networking pavilion to learn more!

Additionally, many of our members will give presentations about various edge topics and project updates. Add these to your schedule:

Monday, September 28: 

9:00-9:30 am: Welcome & State of Open Networking and Edge (Keynote) – Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation

9:35-10:00 am: Keynote – Andre Fuetsch, AT&T

10:40-11:00 am: Keynote – Justin Dustzadeh, Equinix

11:30-12:00 pm: Model Building and Deployment at the Edge with Open Horizon – Ashok Lyengar, IBM

Building in the cloud and deploying to the edge, using model management service.  This session will have a discussion of LF Edge’s newest project Open Horizon and IEAM, tools for model management.Click here for more info.

12:10-12:20: Lightning Talk: Self Checkout Theft Detection Showcase using the EdgeX Foundry Framework – Henry Lau, HP Inc

NRF 2020 is one of the largest retail conference and expo and was held in January in New York City. In a section of the HP booth, we demonstrated solving complex retail problems with an EdgeX powered HP Retail IoT Gateway. By making use of self-checkout theft detection use case, it showcased the ability to bring together multiple sensor data streams using EdgeX industry-leading open framework that is cloud-agnostic and sensor-agnostic. Click here for more info.

12:10-12:40 pm: Building the Android for the IoT Edge, Roman Shaposhnik and Jason Shepherd, ZEDEDA

Project EVE aims to do for the IoT edge what Android did for mobile by creating an open computing engine that simplifies the development, orchestration and security of both legacy and cloud-native applications on distributed edge hardware. Supporting containers, VMs and unikernels, EVE provides a flexible foundation for IoT edge computing deployments with choice of hardware, application and cloud.

This session will highlight the key challenges of edge computing, the unique requirements of the IoT edge and why EVE is critical for IoT scale by serving as an open, standardized edge computing engine. We will host a brief demo and talk to what’s next, including integrating EVE with Kubernetes to extend the benefits from the data center to the IoT edge. Click here for more info.

12:10-12:40 pm: How Akraino is used (Panel Discussion) – Tina Tsou, Arm; Sha Rahman, Facebook; Changming Bai, Alibaba; Mark Shan, Tencent; Yongsu Zhang and Hechun Zhang, Bytedance

In this panel, we will share the end user stories and opinions on how Akraino is used in 5G, the AI Edge, Connected Vehicle, mixed reality AR/VR, and Private LTE/5G. Click here for more info.

2:10-2:40 pm: The Making of 5G with AI and Open Source – Ibrahim Haddad, LF AI Foundation, and Mazin Gilbert, AT&T 

Over the next decade, we will be transformed by new revolutionary experiences that will radically change the way we work, live and play. The marriage of 5G with edge cloud will enable holograms for gatherings and meetings, mobile and untethered xR experiences for gaming and remote surgery, and immersive experiences for digital shopping. These experiences can only be brought to life through an intelligent 5G network that employs AI and open interfaces to enable zero-touch network automation, and elasticity to optimize traffic flow and spectrum. In this talk, Mazin will present the making of 5G with AI and Open Source as foundational elements to enable these next generation experiences and network automation. The role of ORAN-SC, ONAP, Akraino and Acumos-AI will be discussed. Click here for more info.

4:30-5:00 pm: Edge Lab: Open Reference Architecture (RPis and More!) – Rob Hirschfield, RackN

The Edge Lab is an open reference architecture that accelerates collaboration by providing a proven, repeatable and portal automation stack for edge infrastructure. The lab is modular and vendor neutral so that components can be changed out easily. This presentation shows the initial design: 4 RPis installing K3s in a self-contained PXE cluster. The small four system physical cluster explores how a real bare metal cluster would operate in an edge environment. Session will build a real working cluster from nothing. Click here for more info.

Tuesday, September 29:

10:10-10:20 am: Keynote – Bill Ren, Huawei 

2:15-2:45 pm: Serverless in Akraino – Experiences with uMEC Project – Tapio Tallgreen, Nokia

We had decided to use our Akraino uMEC project in Junction which is the biggest hackathon in Europe. Our concept was to use a scaled-down version of a smart city, with sensors and servers running in lightpoles. All servers were in the same k3s cluster and connected to the Internet. We wanted to make it possible for developers to create applications that can run on the cluster, and do it in 48 hours or less! We also wanted to leverage ETSI MEC, kubernetes, REST interfaces, and microservice architecture.

After some brainstorming, we realized that serverless is the perfect solution! It supports the selected architecture while removing most of the boilerplate code that writing a normal Kubernetes application requires. After we selected OpenFAAS as our serverless platform, we also realized that we can use the OpenFAAS Cloud for user management. This presentation details our journey to leveraging OpenFAAS and what we learned. Click here for more info.

2:55-3:25 pm: How LF Edge Powers the IoT Vertical Across the Stack (Panel Discussion)- Thomas Nadeau, Red Hat; Malini Bhandaru, VMware; Jason Shepherd, ZEDEDA; Daniel Lazaro, OSISoft; Vikram Siwach, MobileedgeX

To help enable the transformation that the edge emergence is driving the community formed LF Edge, an umbrella project that hosts a wide range of open-sourced edge projects. These projects have collaborated over last year to enable the edge computing needs driven by privacy and latency needs of key market verticals. Fledge, EVE, Akraino plan to demo an industrial use case along with the white paper which details the reference architecture and blueprint details along with open sourced code for audience to learn and drive this community effort. This panel session will discuss contributions across key edge projects: Akraino, Baetyl, EdgeX Foundry, Fledge, Glossary, and HomeEdge. It will also talk about cross-project synergies. We will endeavor to allow time for audience questions and answers. Click here to learn more.

4:35 – 5:05 pm: Living on the Edge to Meet Today’s Demands (Panel Discussion) – Balaji Ethirajulu, Ericsson,  Malini Bhandaru, Roman Shaposhnik, ZEDEDA; Tina Tsou, Arm

LF Edge is an umbrella organization to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system, will help ensure greater harmonization to accelerate deployment and bridge the gaps in the open source technologies to support the emerging Edge use cases. In this panel, attendees will learn:
1. Edge use cases being addressed to satisfy the industry needs
2. Collaboration between the LF Edge Projects and scope of each project
3. How to engage and contribute to each project

Click here to learn more.

To register for the event, click here: https: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/open-networking-edge-summit-europe/register/