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Forbes: Opening Up The Edge: Why Agnostic Cloud Software Is The Key To Edge Computing

By In the News, Project EVE

The rising value of data has changed the business landscape forever, and companies have migrated en masse to the (theoretical) unlimited capacity of the cloud. As IoT devices have started to pump more data through networks and into the cloud, connected enterprises are managing their operations in data centers as well as using computational ability closer to the data source.

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Ovum: Edge computing set to grow with convergence of five technologies

By In the News

Edge computing is a growing technology field that exploits computing at local and edge locations before typically connecting and communicating with the cloud. Often this has to do with the sheer volume of data generated at the edge and which would not be feasible or sensible to send to the cloud when it can be first processed at source before sending select data to the cloud. The setting up of the Linux Foundation Edge (LF Edge) by the Linux Foundation in January 2019, follows the success of its Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and has already attracted more than 60 premier and general-level members and onboarded several open source projects.

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Cloud Unfiltered Podcast: A Unified, Open Source Framework for the Edge, featuring Arpit Joshipura

By In the News

In late January, the Linux Foundation announced the formation of LF Edge–an umbrella organization to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. Arpit Joshipura explains why LF Edge was needed, who it serves, which projects are anchoring it, and how edge computing impacts a wider variety of industries every day.

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