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The New Stack: What the Future Holds for the Internet of Things

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

A number of trends are converging to fuel the rise of the Internet of Things, but there’s much more work to be done, a panel on the future of IOT made clear recently at the ApacheCon conference in Miami, which ran a separate IOT track this year.

IoT is at about the stage where Big Data was in 2007, concluded one panel concluded. We’re now seeing use cases leading to real value such as smart cars and smartphones on the consumer side and operations management and smart energy in enterprises, asserted Sudip Chakrabarti, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. And the technology stack has matured for Big Data in ways that support those use cases.

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Tech Target IoT Agenda: How to Bring Order to IoT’s Spaghetti Junction?

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

IoT is inherently heterogeneous — a growing collection of technologies rooted in embedded systems and machine-to-machine communications across countless verticals and use cases. It’s a myriad of hardware types, operating systems and development tools, not to mention a plethora of connectivity standards, many of which are dictated by existing installations that require a gateway to bridge data from sensors and machines to a broader network for analytics-driven ROI. This diversity provides incredible richness but also huge complexity to contend with.

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IoT Evolution: Connecting Everything to the Multitude of IoT Clouds

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

It’s one thing to talk at a high level about connecting billions of devices over the massive Internet of Things. In reality, most devices are not IoT-ready, and prematurely implementing systems without ensuring the connected endpoints are secure, manageable, controllable and economically feasible to maintain can be the downfall of even the most inspired project.

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Smart Industry: New Ideas about Legacy Systems

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

Opto 22’s Matt Newton recently presented the webinar “Update Your Legacy Systems with the IIoT.” Today the director of technical marketing provides a preview of the presentation.

Smart Industry: What are the challenges with actually putting OEE applications into play?

Matt: How to share information between OT and IT systems. A lot of legacy operations technology was never designed to interface to IT systems. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are already hardware and software tools available, like Node-RED, RESTful APIs and edge-computing platforms to start connecting these systems. What’s even more interesting is that a lot of these tools are coming out of open-source initiatives, which means it’s easy to get started with them without having to invest a lot of time or money.

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Liota and EdgeX Foundry: Two Complementary Projects that are Better Together

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

In June 2016, VMware announced Liota (Little IoT Agent), a lightweight, vendor-neutral open source software development kit (SDK) for building IoT applications [1]. In April 2017, the Linux Foundation launched EdgeXFoundry, an open source edge platform architecture to enable interoperability in a plug-and-play IoT ecosystem [2]. Dell contributed the initial code to seed the vendor-neutral EdgeX effort, which is governed by a consortium of industry peers. VMware is a founding member of EdgeX and will contribute to its success, while maintaining a neutral stance in relation to IoT hardware OEMs that participate in the project.

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Embedded Computing Design: Is the EdgeX Foundry Right for Everyone?

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

Is there a need for IoT interoperability? I guess it depends on your perspective, but in most cases, the answer would be yes. If you’re a little guy, it’s obvious why it’s a good thing—your parts are compatible with lots of other systems. If you’re a big guy, it’s less obvious because you generally have the wherewithal to push through a de-facto standard. That was one of my concerns when I heard about the EdgeX Foundry, launched by the Linux Foundation.

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ARC Advisory Group: EdgeX Foundry Pursues Hardware and Operating System Agnostic Connectivity Framework for the IoT Network Edge

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

The network edge remains a flashpoint of Internet of Things (IoT) activity given its important role in interfacing end devices to the cloud and overall delivery of the IoT value proposition. Open, standards-based connectivity between the data and services resident on edge devices and cloud-based applications is paramount, which in turns drives the need for edge computing architectures that can fulfill these emerging requirements while enabling fast time-to-market for services developers.

EdgeX, a new open source project within the Linux Foundation, was recently formed to address the need for an open ecosystem at the network edge that enables interoperability among plug-and-play components.

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Channel Partners: All Eyes on IoT at Dell EMC World

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

The fact that IoT was the headliner in Las Vegas at Day 2 of Dell EMC World 2017 was somewhat anticipated since company founder Michael Dell opened this week’s event homing in on IoT as a top strategic initiative for the company and the 13,500 conference attendees. No sooner did the lights dim and the show begin when Karen Quintos, Dell EMC’s chief customer officer, announced the IoT Transformation Realized Award winners.

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