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January 2019

DevOps: Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from Ephemeral Data

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Edge computing is rapidly gaining momentum. Last week’s Linux Foundation news on the launch of LF Edge is one more sign of accelerating growth at the edge. What’s driving this sudden intense interest? It’s more than just the sheer number of edge devices or mounting concerns around interoperability and security. Pushing compute resources closer to the edge can save the cloud and networks from waves of ephemeral data.

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TelecomTV: The Edge comes home: how LFN is expanding its edge coverage

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The greatest unanswerable question in telecoms is undoubtably “where exactly is the edge?” It is becoming rather like the astro physics question “where is the edge of the universe and does it even exist?” Thankfully, telecoms networks are not (yet) infinite and there are edges aplenty – and more emerging every day. The serious questions focus on why this definition even matters and how CSPs can make best use of them for their own (and you would hope their customers) advantage.

Meanwhile, the edge is seen as anything from a telco’s central office location to a user’s smartphone. Befitting such a broad definition, there are plenty of projects and organizations focused on the edge and its development. Time, then, for The Linux Foundation to recognize its various edge open source projects and attempt to create some cohesion via a supporting administrative structure. It has just announced the launch of LF Edge, which it describes as “an umbrella organization to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system”.

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