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April 2017

Embedded Computing Design: EdgeX Foundry Joins Industry-Wide Push for IoT Interoperability

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

In an effort to turn this paradigm on its head for the IoT, The Linux Foundation, with support from 50 companies, launched EdgeX Foundry, an open source initiative focused on improving interoperability through a hardware- and operating system-agnostic edge software platform. The foundation of the software platform is based on Dell FUSE middleware, a code base made available under the Apache 2.0 license that enables a set of loosely coupled, plug-and-play EdgeX Foundry microservices that are compatible with programs developed in any language or application environment through a set of common APIs.

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InfoWorld: EdgeX Foundry is the solution the IoT world desperately needs

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

IoT (internet of things) is playing a very critical role in the industrial and enterprise space. It’s being used by shipping companies track containers. It’s being used in massive warehouses for better usage of space. It’s being used in factories, construction sites and mines to improve safety of workers. There are so many use cases.

It’s gradually maturing in the consumer space also, though it’s largely plagued by security concerns for various reasons, mainly by the lack of a business model.

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Pund-IT: Dell, The Linux Foundation and EdgeX Foundry – Reducing the Complexity and Cost of IoT Development

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the subject of such attention, so much opinionating and so many remarkable claims of progress that it would be natural to assume that IoT is wheels up, rapidly gaining altitude and heading toward a future of eternal sunshine. That is, in a word, foolishness.

Though it is true that numerous IT vendors and their customers have successfully implemented IoT solutions and infrastructures, many of those were one-off efforts that required substantial effort, time and customization. Those aren’t bad things necessarily but if IoT is ever to achieve the kind of global acceptance and success that proponents envision, it needs to become more simple, standardized, certain and cost-effective.

That’s why The Linux Foundation’s announcement of its new EdgeX Foundry project is so intriguing.

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CIO: EdgeX brings open source interoperability to IoT

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

In a ground-breaking development, the Linux Foundation and 50 other companies announced the launch of an open-source Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability framework to standardize and simplify edge computing through the new open-source consortium EdgeX Foundry. IoT hasn’t enjoyed the predicted positive market growth due to lack of conformity and fragmented edge computing development resulting in non-compatibilities of applications and security reservations. Adapting IoT technology to business needs is fraught with difficulties and integration issues due to separate development and discordant systems. The evolution of edge computing, however, provides a standardized framework in which to integrate business applications of significant value-adds or standalone systems.

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IT Pro Windows: EdgeX Foundry Promises IoT Security and More

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

In the span of a couple of years, the Internet of Things has gone from being welcomed as an important part of the Internet’s future (and a new market waiting to be harnessed), to being feared as something that might bring the Internet to its knees. It’s become a security mess, and seems to be utilized to advantage more by black hat botnet keepers than by makers of IoT devices.

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IoT News: Linux Foundation Aims to Solve IoT Interoperability with EdgeX Foundry Project

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

The IoT remains a segregated mess, but the Linux Foundation is hoping to bring some unification to the landscape with the launch of its new EdgeX Foundry project.

“One of the key factors holding back IoT designs in the enterprise is that there are too many choices to safely and easily implement a system that will provide a return on investment in a reasonable timeframe,” said Mike Krell, Lead IoT Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “EdgeX Foundry will fundamentally change the market dynamic by allowing enterprise IoT applications to choose from a myriad of best-in-class software, hardware and services providers based on their specific needs.”

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Internet of Business: Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry aims to ‘unpickle’ IoT interoperability

By EdgeX Foundry, In the News

Foundries, open computing frameworks, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), industry bodies and coalitions come and go, but if the proliferation, fragmentation and confusion that has beset the growth of cloud computing has taught us anything, it is that even the best-laid plans for interoperability can end up in a bit of a pickle.

Aiming to bring some unification to the still-fragmented IoT landscape this month is the Linux Foundation, with its new EdgeX Foundry open source software project.

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