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Network Cloud Unicycle Blueprint with OVS-DPDK Support

Akraino R2 includes Network Cloud Unicycle with OVS-DPDK support blueprint that addresses a variety of edge use cases supporting both virtualized workloads and containerized control plane. The blueprints are tested and validated on real hardware supported by users and community members.


The Network Cloud Unicycle with OVS-DPDK blueprint is added to the Network Cloud Blueprint Family. It integrates Akraino feature project support for OVS-DPDK in Airship, which primarily focuses on up-streaming OVS-DPDK functionality into the Airship project. This blueprint will address multiple edge use cases, supporting both virtual machines and container-based workloads.
The primary use case of the Network Cloud Unicycle with OVS-DPDK blueprint is to support vRAN and 5G Core applications which requires high performance through-put with low latency. The blueprint will be evolved further to support multiple edge use cases.

Key features and implementation
  • OVS-DPDK support into existing Network Cloud Unicycle Blueprint Family
  • Joint community effort by Ericsson and AT&T
  • Integration with Akraino feature project to add OVS-DPDK support to Airship distribution
  • Based on Dell PowerEdge R740XD Servers to deploy kubernetes (undercloud) and containerized Openstack platform (overcloud) using Airship
  • Network Cloud Edge use cases to support vRAN & 5G core Telco grade applications

Additional Information: