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SEBA for Telco Appliance

The Akraino SEBA Blueprint is a member of the “Telco Appliance” blueprint family and provides an appliance tuned to support the ONF SDN-enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) platform. The SEBA blueprint utilizes a reusable set of modules introduced by the first example of the Telco Appliance blueprint family, Radio Edge Cloud (REC).

  • Installation of host OS
  • Configuration of network
  • Installation/setup of Kubernetes cluster
  • Installation/validation for SEBA components
  • Utilization of reusable components of the “Telco Appliance” blueprint family
  • Automated Continuous Deployment pipeline testing the software stack (bottom to top, from firmware up to but not including application)
  • Integration with Regional Controller (Akraino Feature Project) for “zero touch” deployment of SEBA to edge sites

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