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Integrated Cloud Native (ICN)

Overall Architecture Diagram:

Figure 1 – ICN R2 Release Architecture

Figure 2 – ICN R2 Infrastructure


ICN addresses the overall challenges of edge deployments; as a single deployment model, it covers various use cases such as SDWAN, vFW and EdgeX Foundry (IoT Framework).

The ICN blueprint provides a Zero Touch Provisioning model to deploy ICN Infrastructure. Akraino ICN uses Kubernetes as the de-facto resource orchestration to deploy various container runtime (docker) and VMs (Virlet); ONAP4K8s as service orchestration to manage workloads in edge locations, and it supports both baremetal and virtual deployments.

ICN enables Edge Providers for Zero Touch Provisioning support in Multi-cloud, Multi-edge and Multi-party orchestration, and fixes the gaps to make a consumable/deployable solution.

Key Features
  • Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) using Binary provisioning agent (BPA) using Metal3, Ironic – Baremetal provider (Baremetal deployment) and libvirt provider (KVM)
  • Kubernetes Deployer (KuD) is being containerized and a single solution deploys various add-ons such as Multus, OVN, Flannel, accelerator plugins (SRIOV), NFD, OVN4NFV, Multi cluster Orchestrator (ONAP4K8s), applications such as Edgex Foundary (IoT Framework), Containerized Firewall (cFW), and SDWAN
  • ICN enables a nested Kubernetes use case, where Kubernetes is used to manage both under cloud (Baremetal provider) and over cloud (k8s inside VM)

Read the Blueprint: