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ELIOT Edge Lightweight and IOT – uCPE


ELIOT is an Akraino approved blueprint family and part of Akraino Edge Stack, which intends to develop a fully integrated edge network infrastructure and running edge computing applications on lightweight Edge Nodes. ELIOT targets on making the edge node a lightweight software stack which can be deployed on edge nodes which have limited hardware capacity by leveraging lightweight OS, container running environment and container orchestration applications, etc.
In this release, ELIOT Node is verified on a Tailored OS. Community validation testing is enabled in community CI for Hardware, OS and k8s layers. A platform management portal is integrated and single-click BP installation is provided as an option.

Key features and implementations in Release 1:
  • Support ELIOT Node Management and device management by Kubernetes and KubeEdge, respectively.
  • Resource monitoring of all edge nodes is done from ELIOT Manager using cAdvisor and Prometheus.
  • Supports multi-platform architecture (x86 and aarch64)
  • Supports heterogeneous deployment over cloud and edge nodes
  • Full CI/CD deployment- ready and verified
NEW! Key features in Release 2:
  • ELIOT is supported and verified on tailored OS, Ubuntu, and CentOS
  • Single0 click installation of the ELIOT platform
  • Portal for uCPE with enabled features like platform management
  • Enables community Validation testing in CI for Hardware, OS and Kubernetes layers.

Blueprint Info: