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Enables new functionalities & business models on network edge. Benefits include better latencies for end users;  less load on network, since more data can be processed locally; and better security and privacy, since sensitive data need not be transferred to a centralized location.

Use cases:

  • Fixed installation as part of 5G NR base stations; enables new services that leverage especially low latency, such as AR/VR
  • As an extension of the previous, the “Smart City” deployments have additional functions such as weather stations, cameras, displays, or drone charging stations. The control software for these functions would run on the uMEC
  • In an Industry 4.0 use case set, the uMEC is deployed as part of a 5G network and would provide a platform for running services for the factory floor
  • In a train, the uMEC can  collect and store surveillance camera data for later uploading

The Akraino MicroMEC pages provide additional information about the project or visit our Github.