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Integrated Cloud Native (ICN)-MICN

Akraino R3 includes Integrated Cloud Native (ICN) family Multi-Server Integrated Cloud native NFV/App stack (Short term: MICN) blueprint which provides Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) that supports a variety of edge use cases across virtualized and container workloads such as Openness, Software Defined Edge WAN (SDEWAN) Controller and IPSec tunnelling, cFW, EdgeX Foundry (IoT Frame work) using ONAP4K8s as Service Orchestration and Kubernetes as resource Orchestration. ICN blueprints are tested and validated on real hardware supported by the users and community members.


ICN comes under Akraino Community approved Blue print family. ICN addresses the overall challenges in edge deployments. It is a single deployment model that covers various use cases such as Openness, Software Defined Edge WAN – SDEWAN controller, vFW and EdgeX Foundry (IoT Framework).

ICN blueprint – MICN provides Zero Touch Provisioning model to deploy ICN Infrastructure. Akraino ICN uses Kubernetes as the de-facto resource orchestration to deploy various container runtime(docker) and VMs (Virtlet), ONAP4K8s as service orchestration to manage workloads in edge locations supporting both baremetal and virtual deployment.


ICN enables Edge Providers for Zero Touch Provisioning support in Multi-cloud, Multi-edge & Multi Party Orchestration and fixes the gap to make consumable/deployable solution.

Key Features:

  • Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) using Binary provisioning agent (BPA) using Metal3, Ironic – Baremetal provider (Baremetal deployment) and libvirt provider (KVM)
  • Kubernetes Deployer (KuD) is being containerized and a single solution deploy various addons such as Multus, OVN, Flannel, Accelerator plugins (SRIOV), QAT, Optane, NFD, OVN4NFV, Multi cluster Orchestrator (ONAP4K8s), Application such as Edgex Foundry (IoT Framework), Containerized Firewall(cFW), and SDWAN
  • ICN enable nested K8s use case, where K8s is used to manage both under cloud (Baremetal provider) and Overcloud (k8s inside VM)


For more information visit our wiki.