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Connected Vehicle Blueprint


Connected Vehicle Blueprint(CVB) is an Akraino approved blueprint and part of Akraino Edge Stack. The project is completely focused on Connected Vehicle Applications run on Edge Computing.


Use Cases

The use cases for the Connected Vehicle Blueprint are itemized below. For R3, we release the Microservice Platform Tars,  which supports the multiple connected vehicle application deployment/management/orchestration/monitor.


Use Cases Value Proposition
Accurate Location​ The accuracy of location improved by over 10 times than today’s system. Today’s  GPS system is around 5-10meters away from your reallocation, <1 meter is possible with the help of edge computing. ​
Smarter Navigation​ Real-time traffic information update, reduces the latency from minutes to seconds, figure out the most efficient way for drivers.​
Safe DriveImprovement​ Figure out the potential risks which can NOT be seen by the driver. See below.​
Reduce traffic violation​ Let the driverunderstand the traffic rule in some specific area. For instance,  change the line prior to a narrow street, avoiding the opposite way drive in the one-way road, avoiding carpool lane when a single driver and so on.
  • The combination of Commodity Hardware and IaaS Software provides flexible deployments, like bare metal, Virtual Machines, as well as a Container.
  • Tars is a microservice framework that can manage/monitor/deploy the connected vehicle applications in the edge and data center. Tars can be flexibly deployed in bare metal, Virtual Machines, as well as a Container.

Key features in R3:

  • High Performance IaaS : IEC0.
  • Microservice Framework : Tars0.
  • Connected Vehicle Applications

For more information, visit our wiki.