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IEC Type 4 AR/VR


IEC Type 4 is an Akraino approved blueprint and part of Akraino Edge Stack. The project is focused on AR/VR applications running on edge. In general, the architecture consists of three layers:  Iaas(IEC), PaaS(Tars), SaaS(AR/VR Application).

Use Cases

There are multiple use cases for AR VR itemized below.  For Release 2, we focus on building the infrastructure and virtual classroom application (Highlighted in dark purple color).

Use Cases Value Proposition
Operation Guidance ​ Predict the next step for the operations (like assembling Lego blocks, cooking sandwiches, etc) and help people to achieve a goal.
Virtual Classroom Simulating a virtual classroom, ​which improves online education experiences for the teachers and students.
Sports Live Augment and simulate the sports live, which gives the audiences an amazing immersive watching experience.  ​
Gaming Augment and simulate the game scenario, let players enjoy an immersive game world.  ​

Virtual Classroom is a basic app that allows you to live a virtual reality experience simulating a classroom with teachers and students.

The whole architecture, shown below, consists of two parts: the front end and the backend.

  • For the front end, the minimal requirements are two clients, one for the teacher and the other one for the student. The client device could be a cellphone, tablets, wearable devices,personal computers, etc.  The client collects information from the real world and transfers the data to the backend for calculation. Beyond data transfer and calculation, render is another function running on the front end client-side.
  • For the backend, we deploy the backend in two virtual machines in the Cloud.
    1. To make the VR backend work well, we deploy IEC in the IaaS Layer, Tars framework in PaaS Layer, Virtual Classroom Backend in SaaS Layer.
    2. To make CI/CD available, we deploy Jenkins Master in one Virtual Machine.  The Jenkins master issues command to triger the script run on the dedicated VM.

Key features in R3:

  • High Performance IaaS : IEC0.
  • Microservice Framework : Tars0.
  • Virtual Classroom Application

For more information, visit our wiki.