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Network Cloud powered by Tungsten Fabric

Network Cloud with Tungsten Fabric blueprint addresses a variety of telco edge cloud use cases supporting virtualized and containerized workloads. In future, it will support bare metal workloads as well.


This blueprint implements the Network Cloud with Tungsten Fabric as an SDN Controller that supports CNI for Kubernetes as well as the Neutron plugin for OpenStack. This allows operators to take advantage of the advanced networking features offered by Tungsten Fabric, as a deployment tool. This enables telco operators to take control of their infrastructure, by providing a declarative framework for defining and managing the life cycle of that infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Supports Telco grade applications and a wide variety of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Containerized Network Functions (CNFs)
  • Offers advanced networking features supported by Tungsten Fabric, such as service chaining, network policies, security, VRRP, route advertisement, flow management, etc.
  • Enables deployment of multiple remote edge sites from a single regional controller
  • Consolidates settings into a single input file that defines the edge site configuration

For more information visit our wiki.