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Enterprise Application on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge


Enterprise Application on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge is an Akraino approved blueprint under 5G MEC system Blueprint Family. It intends to provide a complete ecosystem for enterprise application on light weight 5G Telco Edge. This platform can be leveraged by Telecom operators to provide edge computing capability to its enterprise users. Overall objective of this blueprint is to provide the following main features.

  • Lightweight MEC Solution with MEC compliant architecture & APIs.
  • Autonomous Edge Sites.
  • Unified Portal/CLI for Tenants, Application developers and administrators.
  • Sandbox, SDKs and tools chains for MEC app developers
  • Heterogeneous deployment on Multi-Arch & Multi OS.
  • Rich platform capabilities (Network, PaaS, aPaaS etc.)

Key features and implementations in Akraino Release 3:

  • Lightweight MEC solution including Edge (MEC Host) & Platform Manager (MEPM)
  • One click deployment of manager & multiple edges.
  • Unified CLI for deployment as well as workload LCM.
  • Autonomous Edge Site with self monitoring & healing.
  • Ease of application development using client library (MEP Agent)
  • Heterogeneous deployment with support of Multi-Arch & Multi OS.
  • Exposed APIs compliance with MEC MP1 & MM3 specifications.
  • Rich platform capabilities/services including API Gateway, Service Registry, Secret & Certificate management etc.

For more information visit our wiki.