Radio Edge Cloud

Akraino Radio Edge Cloud (REC) provides an appliance tuned to support the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) and O-RAN Software Community (O-RAN-SC) Radio Access Network Intelligent Controller (RIC) and is the first example of a blueprint in the Telco Appliance blueprint family. The TA blueprint family provides a reusable set of modules that will be used to create sibling blueprints for other purpose tuned appliances.


  • RIC on Kubernetes on “bare metal” tuned for low latency round trip messaging between RIC and eNodeB/gNodeB
  • Built from reusable components of the “Telco Appliance” blueprint family
  • Automated Continuous Deployment pipeline testing the full software stack (bottom to top, from firmware up to and including application) simultaneously on chassis based extended environmental range servers and commodity datacenter servers
  • Integrated with Regional Controller (Akraino Feature Project) for “zero touch” deployment of REC to edge sites

Updates Since Release 3

  • Update CentOS version from 7.6.1810 to 7.8.2003
  • Update various other upstream components to most recent versions (see release notes for details)
  • Rebalancing disk allocation
  • Boot order fix on Dell servers
  • Fix BMC exception handling

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