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Enterprise Application on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge (EALTEdge)

Enterprise Application on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge is an Akraino approved blueprint under 5G MEC system Blueprint Family. It intends to provide an ecosystem for enterprise application on light weight 5G Telco Edge. This platform can be leveraged by Telecom operators to provide edge computing capability to its enterprise users.


  • Lightweight MEC Solution with reference to ETSI MEC Architecture.
  • Developer Centric approach empowering developers to innovate & ship faster:
    • Developer Platform with rich tool chain.
    • Application store for enterprise application.
    • MEP-Agent for service registry.
  • Rich platform capabilities (Network, PaaS, aPaaS etc.) for Enterprise use cases.
  • Autonomous Edge Sites.
  • Easy Deployment & Maintenance (OCD, CLI, Portals etc.)
  • Heterogeneous deployment on Multi-Arch & Multi OS.


Key Enhancements for Release 4

  • Leverage EdgeGallery as an upstream to add following components to the Stack.
    • Application/MEC Edge Orchestrator.
    • Developer Platform & Application Store.
    • Developer & Tenant Portals.
  • Build sample ROBO use case on EALTEdge:
    • PaaS: Light weight storage. Backup and Restore for schedule and disaster recovery for remote sites.
    • aPaaS: Object Detection service for Retail store Inventory.
    • Example App: Retail store inventory management.
  • Add features like network isolation, DNS, LB, Multi-Tenancy.

For more information visit our wiki.