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ELIOT (Edge Lightweight and IOT) – IOT Gateway


ELIOT is project under Akraino approved blueprint family and part of Akraino Edge Stack, which intends to develop a fully integrated edge network infrastructure and running edge computing applications on lightweight Edge Nodes. ELIOT targets on making the edge node a lightweight software stack which can be deployed on edge nodes which have limited hardware capacity by leveraging lightweight OS, container running environment and container orchestration applications.

EdgeX and OPC-UA framework integrated on ELIOT platform for enable industrial IOT use cases.  Portal for platform manage is integrated and single click BP installation is provided for quickly deploy Eliot on multiple platforms.  ELIOT CLI is provided to interactively connect and manage the platform. Interested developer can use these utilities to deploy ELIOT and mange with ease.

Key features in Release 4:

  • Lightweight container orchestrator (K3s) for Edge nodes
  • Software rolling updates from center nodes
  • EdgeGallery as upstream project to support MEC deployment for Industrial IOT use cases.
  • OPC-UA protocol server and client integrated on ELIOT edge nodes
  • OCD (one click deployment) based on Ansiable
  • Platform used for smart data center use case by using EdgeX and rule engine.

For more information, visit our wiki.