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IEC Type 3:  Android Cloud Native Applications on ARM Servers on the Edge


This blueprint mainly focus on Android Application running on edge ARM Cloud architecture with GPU Management.

Also, ARM cloud games need to have the basic features of “cloud”, such as flexibility, availability everywhere. Based on cloud infrastructure optimized for android application, providing ARM application services such as Android cloud games.


Use cases:

  • Android Cloud Games:5G + Edge Cloud bring low latency and high-throughput for cloud gaming, which improves user experience. Android Cloud game is an online game based on cloud computing technology.It compresses the rendering of game scenes into video and audio stream on the edge Android platform. Then the edge cloud server transmits the compressed game pictures to the players’ game terminals through 5G network, and obtain the players’ input instructions to realize interaction. End to end latency better =< 20ms.

Key Features in R4:

  • Android application environment based on Robox in Container.
  • Support GPU.

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