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Network Cloud - Unicycle with OVS-DPDK


Network Cloud Unicycle with OVS-DPDK support is an Akraino approved blueprint and is added as a new species to existing Akraino’ s Network Cloud Blueprint Family. This blueprint integrates Akraino feature project Support for OVS-DPDK in Airship which primarily focuses on up-streaming OVS-DPDK functionality in to the Openstack Airship project. This blueprint will address multiple edge usecase supporting virtual machines based workloads.

The primary usecase of Network Cloud Unicycle with OVS-DPDK blueprint is to support vRAN and 5G Core applications which requires high performance through-put with low latency. The blueprint will be evolved further to support multiple edge usecases including containerized workloads.

Key Features and implementation
  • New SPECIES to add OVS-DPDK support into existing Network Cloud Unicycle Blueprint Family
  • Joint community effort by Ericsson and AT&T
  • Integration with Akraino feature project to add OVS-DPDK support to Airship distribution
  • Based on Dell PowerEdge R740XD Servers to deploy kubernetes (undercloud) and containerized Openstack platform (overcloud) using Airship
  • Network Cloud Edge usecase to support vRAN & 5G core Telco grade applications
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Release Notes

Akraino R1 is now available! More details available here: