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Network Cloud - Rover


The Network Cloud Blueprint Family enables hardware configuration and automated deployment of multiple edge sites from a remote Regional Controller. The Rover and Unicycle blueprints integrate the hardware configuration and remote OS deployment functionality of the Regional Controller with the Openstack deployment capabilities of Airship. These tools enable telco operators to take control of their infrastructure, by providing a declarative framework for defining and managing the life-cycle of the infrastructure.

Key Features and implementation
  • Joint community efforts by AT&T, Ericsson, NTT, Juniper, Radisys and many others.
  • Supports Telco grade applications and wide variety Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
  • Enables deployment of multiple remote edge sites from a single Regional controller
  • Consolidates settings into a single input file that defines the edge site configuration
  • Supports single server (Rover) and multi-server (Unicycle) deployments
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Release Notes

Akraino R1 is now available! More details available here: