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Integrated Edge Cloud - Type 2 (Medium Edge)


IEC (Integrated Edge Cloud) is a platform that enables new functionalities and business models on the network edge. It targets telco applications and medium deployment of Edge Cloud. In this release it is based on Kubernetes and Calico and installation is automated with the foundation building and the focus on SEBA use-case.

Key Features and implementation
  • Platform works both on x86_64 and aarch64 architectures
  • It supports both single node deployment and a 3-node deployment
  • Deployment is automated in CI with
  • The SEBA (on arm) use-case is integrated with the IEC platform
  • The IEC supported hardware are edge servers mainly based on arm64, such as Marvell ThunderX series, Ampere Arm64 servers; the desired network connections are above 10Gbit/s which may satisfy most current IEC applications requirement.
  • The installation scripts which deploys Kubernetes cluster, Calico CNI, Helm/Tiller and related verifying Kubernetes applications/services with 1 master and 2 slave nodes. The scripts can be run from the jumpserver, or with manual installation from the servers on which it run. The installation methods is introduced in IEC Blueprints Installation Overview.
  • Currently IEC uses project Calico as the main container networking solution which provides high performance, rich network policy, widely supported from Linux system and easy installation.  In the future, Contiv/VPP and OVN-Kubernetes may be used as a high performance substitute since those 2 solutions can support DPDK enabled high speed interface access.
  • IEC support Akraino CI/CD requests: IEC Daily jobs (scheduled to run recurrently) deploy IEC using one of the agreed installers; run testing suites; collect logs and publish them.
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Release Notes

Akraino R1 is now available! More details available here: