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What is the new governance and membership structure for LF Edge?

There are two membership tiers – Premier and General. As in other projects, the higher tiers have more representation at the governing board level, but anyone, including non-members, can participate in the technical community. Individual projects will maintain their respective TSC charters, which provide for meritocratic leadership.

Who leads LF Edge?

The Governing Board is responsible for prioritizing the allocation of resources across the LF Edge portfolio. A Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and a Marketing Outreach Committee (MOC) support the Board in its decision-making process. The Board includes representatives from premier member organizations, as well as the TAC and Committee Representatives, who are elected from the technical communities.

What is the purpose of the TAC?

The Technical Advisory Committee is a blend of technical and project representatives that provide guidance to the LF Edge’s overall activities and fosters bi-directional interaction with application developers, end users, and member companies.

Does this mean the individual projects will no longer operate independently?

The technical communities of Akraino and EdgeX will remain independent and continue to develop according to their own road maps and timetables. However, there is a unified governance model, where funding and ops/marketing staffing resources are held in common.

How do these TSCs work together?

Though these TSCs will work independently, the TAC will oversee the Akraino and EdgeX TSCs and will look for collaboration opportunities.